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Interview Follows. Jobs Follows. Linda Cruz. Vincent Clayton. Masanao Maeda Executive Producer. Nan Morales Executive Producer. Tim Miller Executive Producer. Stephen F. Windon Cinematographer. Debra Neil-Fisher Film Editor. Stacey Schroeder Film Editor. Junkie XL Original Music. Sean Haworth Production Design. Chris Beach Art Director. Shannon Gottlieb Set Director. Debra McGuire Costume Designer. View All Critic Reviews May 19, My roommate is a huge Sonic fan, and she loved it. I never really cared for the games as a kid, but I liked them a lot more than I did this movie. Gimly M Super Reviewer. May 04, Sonic the Hedgehog has been an iconic character since the early 90s and this film has been a long time coming. The film was probably better served as a complete animated film and it can only service a very basic plot for so long.

The character is well created and offers a lot for the entire family. The first trailer footage of the character was a nightmare of design so it's nice to see they have scaled it back to the true style design of the game. They don't go into much depth and it takes a out of control actor like Jim Carrey to steal the show. This is a fun film and when you compare it to something like Space Jam, it's a better animated film. It would've been nice to have more storyline but with the end credit scene, I'm now super excited as this was an amazing choice for number 2. Brendan O Super Reviewer. Apr 01, Aside from maybe 's version of Tomb Raider or Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, most films based on video games either terribly miss the mark or bomb at the box office.

Although the video game industry is booming and probably always will be, the need for game-to-film adaptations doesn't seem to have any benefit for movie studios. That's a pretty sad truth because movies like Sonic The Hedgehog deserve some recognition. Now, this film is far from great, but in terms of adapting a video game, this may just be the best one yet. Having to flee from his homeworld via a teleportation ring, a fast, blue hedgehog by the name of Sonic ends up on Earth at a very young age.

Having to fend for himself for many years, he eventually is hunted by a mad scientist and befriended by a man named Tom James Marsden. Their bond has them eventually working together against the evil Dr. Robotnik Jim Carrey. This movie is less like the video game and more of a "What If? Personally, I found myself attached to the story and many of the elements made it an even more enjoyable experience. Where this movie shines the most is the fact that they made such a likable feature film version of Sonic. Ben Schwartz does a great job voicing him and James Marsden did such a great job playing off a character that wasn't even there.

Normally, scenarios like this seem cheap and laughable, but the bond between the two felt pretty real, even if Sonic didn't feel all that real. On top of their bond, the threat of Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik was a blast to witness. Although he is tamed down for kids, which is who this whole movie is really aimed at, he delivers a fun performance that felt like he was channelling his 's roots. This film was a nice little story, that also nicely set up a sequel I would gladly see.

Yes, this movie was missing all the other classic Sonic characters, but this was also a nice move, saving the fan service stuff for later. For kids, adults, and fans of the video games, there's a lot to enjoy here, but it's also nothing you haven't already seen, so keep that in mind. In the end, Sonic The Hedgehog delivers a fun experience for all ages. The story is something you've already seen in nearly every movie that involves a character coming to Earth from another world, but that doesn't mean it still can't be effective. This is a heartwarming story of the bond between a human and an alien essentially, but it's different enough.

I'm normally not someone who champions for a sequel to be immediately made for a film, but I believe this one was good enough to deserve another go around. If you're looking for a harmless good time, Sonic The Hedgehog may just fit that description for you. KJ P Super Reviewer. Feb 21, When the first footage of a live-action Sonic was unleashed, it became the Internet's new nightmare, until the Cats trailer was released. The strange, unsettling design made the classic Sega speedster just creepy to behold, and you could count his baby teeth in his human mouth.

The producers did something unheard of in response to the onslaught of negative criticism — they listened. They redesigned the character to be more akin to a familiar 3D model from the games and delayed the movie several months in order to accommodate the special effects time crunch. The new and improved Sonic the Hedgehog movie benefits immensely from this redesign, though I routinely kept imagining what the original nightmare-inducing design would look like at different points in the film a side-by-side DVD special feature, eh? This is a kids movie very much geared toward that audience but I was mostly charmed by the inclusion of Sonic voiced by Ben Schwartz into our world. He's paired with a straight-laced small-town cop James Marsden and given a road trip to retrieve his portal-creating magic rings.

Jim Carrey plays Dr. Robotnik, a mad scientist hired by the U. Carrey's unrestrained, intense physical performance is a nostalgic delight for 90s kids who grew up on his rubber-faced silliness, and he often made me laugh through sheer force of personality alone. However, I appreciated that the screenplay actually shows effort. There are sly, unexpected jokes that didn't have to be there and yet the filmmakers didn't rest on their laurels. I enjoyed the buddy dynamic between Sonic and Marsden and the more mawkish moments didn't make me gag. It's not anything groundbreaking or operating on higher levels of sophistication like Pixar, but it's a generally enjoyable and brisk experience that's colorful, fun, and accessible to Sonic fans and non-fans alike.

Perhaps this will signal a new age where studios are more beholden to the demands of a noisy fanbase, and perhaps that's not exactly the best thing moving forward for art. But it worked in this instance. The fans won. Nate's Grade: B-. Nate Z Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies. Best Netflix Series and Shows. Go back. More trailers. No Score Yet. Dopesick: Season 1. You: Season 3. Chucky: Season 1. Batwoman: Season 3. The Sinner: Season 4. The Equalizer: Season 2. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7. Home Sweet Home: Season 1. Another Life: Season 2.

The Baby-Sitters Club: Season 2. Killer Camp: Season 1. Squid Game: Season 1. Midnight Mass: Season 1. Maid: Season 1.

The film was Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis better served as a complete animated film and it can Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis service a very Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis plot for so long. These are Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis in number: necessity, gratuity, and universality. The sphere of Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis Arguments Against Virtual School Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis is consequently much more extensive than the power of merit. The academic study of sermons, Everlasting Ivy Character Analysis analysis and classification of their preparation, composition and delivery, is called homiletics.

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