⒈ Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch

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Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch

There has been a long time of Hip Hop that has been reactant, communicating disappointments in Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch culture Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch bigotry for Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch, in the late 's, quite a bit of what Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch catch wind of Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch respect to police ruthlessness, stop Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch search routines and focusing on dark skinned youth. Saturday 3 July Tuesday 7 September The documentary explores the negative portrayal Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch women in the press and Mary flora bell daughter, lack of female participation in major fields, and the side effects of the antifeminist movements on impressionable, young girls that have become highly visible through the media. Sunday 15 August You are commenting Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch your Facebook account. Free Scrilla says:.

Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad (Lyrics) HD

Let me start off by saying that I would consider myself to be a fan of Lupe Fiasco. I also applaud Lupe Fiasco for being very outspoken on things like Western imperialism and the hyper-materialism and all around foolishness of modern mainstream rap. Earlier today I logged onto twitter and my timeline was full of people tweeting about a domestic violence situation that unfurled right before our eyes on the social networking site. A young woman tweeted pictures of her bloodied and bruised face that she received at the hands of her boyfriend. Stop downing the brother. The thing I actually liked most about the song was the black face in the video and I wish he would have touched more on rappers selling an image and lifestyle that is ridiculous.

Oh the well…. I just wish Lupe had taken the time to unpack more of the complexities of misogynistic pop and rap music. As a fellow Lupe fan, I can remember a time Food and Liquor when he did call men out on their language and actions, but never to this degree. I do not dislike the imagery in this video. Though a one-sided attack, women, especially mothers, should also be called to task for internalizing these images and projecting them onto their children.

She deserves to be called out as much as any man. Women and men alike need to be taught self-respect. When I first heard the song I loved it but I admit I was confused about the chorus. Bitch bad… yeah, I get that. Woman good, we are in agreement. Lady better… well, what is a lady but a woman who behaves in a way that society expects her to? Good Post, I could totally hear you reading it. Okay, after another listen I retract my former criticisms. Ultimately, they are all misunderstood because of the conflicting messages they are receiving in our culture which, to lupe, cause a lot of the gender strife in the particularly urban black community.

It is about time someone tells it like it is. I think people are going a bit tooo deep into this song. We must admit the young women growing up towards are missing the charateristics of being a lady. This may come across a bit like a rant, but I really can not understand the problem. And as for the woman who got beaten by her boyfriend, where did she post the pictures via twitter?

His message is to encourage a certain type of woman who is at her lowest and probably does not realise it. Race coming into it raises a whole other debate. You really need to spell these things out sometimes. You only get a few mins in each song which is not enough time to cover all the issues. He did a stellar job. First of all I love the posting!!! Awesome work lady!! Although I understand our society has placed or are trying to place people in boxes, there are differences amongst the titles that you give to yourself; and with those differences comes different treatment. I would have liked the song even better if he spun it and sent the same message to men as well…. By the way, the tweet with the abused woman posting pictures on twitter..

Lupe Fiasco knows all too well the power of words. Depending on where you stand, the term "bad bitch" may have positive or negative connotations, and the Chicago MC filmed the video for his new single "Bitch Bad" with the sole intention of sparking discussion. The Gil Green-directed clip helps to further Fiasco's powerful mention on the song. Especially when you look at who it's being marketed towards. That's why we put the children in the video.

Free Scrilla says:. Saturday 2 October Analysis Of Lup Fiascos Song Bad Bitch 6 June

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